Kicking Off a New Brand in Late 2020?

You’ve probably heard about a lot of success stories about people launching a successful brand in 2020

This is 100% true, a lot of brands that we’ve seen and currently work with have only started in early 2020 as a side project that became successful throughout the year. 

The 2020 Ecommerce Rush

In April 2020 there was a huge spike of new advertisers and new brands that took advantage of the e-com rush.

The direct translation for this event is basically a gold rush and it was at this point where many brands succeeded and failed. 

The reason why we see that some brands failed was due to scaling too fast without being able to support themselves in the back end, which is why the mighty have failed. 

The brands that were able to succeed at the end of the day took their time to set up their infrastructure to be able to benefit from the scaling rush. 

Most of the brands don’t have the knowledge of running Facebook ads at the scale they are currently at, which is why an agency such as ours gets approached.

But what if you missed the initial 2020 rush and you want to launch a new brand in late 2020?

It’s possible, and might be a good time to start since in late 2020 we’re approaching Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

How does a person approach this then?

Here are a few key areas you should look out for and implement before kicking off your advertising. 

1. Product & Logistics 

Personally I wouldn’t recommend starting a Dropshipping Brand, these fail most of the time and are hard to manage with everything from Product Quality to Shipping. 

Having a good product at your disposal is a great way to manage product quality and making sure you have a real product you can put your name behind.

The logistics behind it an effective way to manage customer expectations and speedy delivery times. Both these aspects prepare you for the following point. 

2. Perception of experience.

This point goes hand in hand with your product quality and logistic management with your brand. 

It establishes your brand before customers could even think about the age of your company.

We mentioned in a previous article “How having a large number of likes on your page can have a negative impact on marketing performance.”

It is important to build a following, not too big, but a big enough following with real people in order to have the perception of experience for your brand. 

Recently consumers have become more vigilant about pages with fake followers. Establishing your brand provides you with the opportunity to have the authority to sell products online without worrying about “how legitimate” you look. 

At the end of the day, you want your brand to look like it’s been lived in, ask a few friends or colleagues to provide you with some UGC and reviews.

They’ll always be happy to help. 

3. Backdate Organic Facebook Posts

This is a great way to add to the perception of the experience to your brand.

Currently you are able to backdate your Facebook posts.

Adding these post to you pages and boosting the posts is a great way to gaining social proof to your Facebook page. 

4. Prepare for Kick-Off. 

Here’s where the right account strategy comes into play with you ad accounts. 

Setting up a couple of view content campaigns get your website active and your pixel warm and collecting data. 

Launching with the view content campaigns with post engagement campaigns targeting the post id’s. This will build social proof on your new ads, obviously and you can start collecting some customer feedback like that as well. 

At the end of the day, the most important factor that puts yourself in front of your competition is to be prepared for scaling, in order to keep up with your upcoming demand. 

What really ads value to your brand is that perception of experience since you can’t really “cheat” the system. 

These few steps will be able to push you in the right direction and you can start launching your campaigns and prepare for the final push for Q4.

And this only works if you have the right agency partnered with you!

If you are spending over $500 a day and you want to scale your brand

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And that’s a wrap! 

I’m Quintin, Media Buyer at DimNiko 

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