How We Improved Our Client’s ROAS Using Story Ads

Either if you work as an advertiser for an agency or if you run ads for your own brand, I am sure you will agree with me on the fact that this 2020 has been one of the most volatile and unpredictable years than we can remember.

Of course that makes total sense, considering that the current situation around the world is not any less crazy/unpredictable.

All of this has pushed us to become extra creative, try many different things and approaches by testing and putting into effect everything in our power to improve the performance of the campaigns.

How We Found the Variables to Test

As an example, one of our client’s, a sports clothing brand, saw a huge decrease in performance gradually and steadily starting in August and continuously for several weeks.

One of the first metrics we looked at was the difference in performance for each platform. 

What we realized was, that Instagram purchases were converting at a much higher ROAs than Facebook, and in regards to the placement, specifically, the Instagram Stories.

Testing Instagram Story Placements

We’ve decided to run some tests selecting only in the Instagram Story placement.

On average, the comparison to this first test campaign’s results with the other prospecting  campaigns, was a 3x times higher ROAs.

We then took the decision to focus the biggest part of our prospecting budget purely into Story Ads.

There are different reasons why Instagram Story Ads worked especially good for this client.

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What We Learned From the Test

  • The main target audience for this specific brand is young females, age range 18 – 30, which is, in percentage, a huge part of the general Instagram users.
  • Fitness is one of the strongest content topics on Instagram, increasing the chances of conversion for a sport’s brand.
  • We adjusted the ads into catchy videos that grabbed the user’s attention within the first seconds.
  • We created ad copies that represented the core values of the brand and differentiate them from the competitors.

The competition among the fitness market in general and the fitness clothing in particular is immense.

However, by putting our focus into optimizing and adjusting the Story ads of our campaigns, we managed to stabilize the account’s performance in some of the most volatile and difficult weeks of the year, preceding Black Friday.

The takeaway from this example is, if you are having trouble getting your campaigns to stay stable, study your metrics, analyze your campaign’s results and put the focus into optimizing your campaigns by the best converting platform and placement. 

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