How to Write Great Ad Copy!

Hi All, Monika here from the DimNiko Agency. 

Today I wanted to share with you my process of writing ad copy for a new project or product. 

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1. Website, Product, Landing Page Analysis. 

The first thing I do is go through the sales funnel where we send traffic to using ads. 

With Facebook advertising, typically our main goal is to find prospective buyers, someone that potentially could be interested in buying the product. We want to get their attention which usually starts with the ad copy. Ithas a huge impact on the user experience throughout the sales funnel. 

You can’t write ad copy without experiencing the funnel and understanding the customer’s journey. 

If you have the opportunity to speak to the brand manager and have their insight on the value proposition, their brand positioning and key benefits and features of the product, it will help you get an idea for angles you can use. 

2. Competitor Analysis.

Competitor analysis not only includes checking out the ads they’re running, but includes the same product analysis, landing pages, website, sales funnels. 

The purpose is not to steal what they are doing, but to be aware. 

Yes it’s a great place to get inspiration, but if you want to be better than them, you will need to come up with something original. 

Plus, you’ll never know if their marketing actually works. 

3. Customer Personas

I usually like to have at least 3 personas. I try to be as detailed as possible. 

To build out the personas you can use Google or Facebook analytic insights, the brand manager or community manager can also help you with that. 

Then best insight comes from asking customers directly in a mini interview. 

Asking questions such: How old are they? What job do they have? What does the product help them do? Did they compare it with other products, brands? What made them buy it? Etc.., These questions will help you understand key motivations and persona characteristics of your buyers. 

4. Have a Plan that Aligns with Your Campaign Strategy

Your plan usually includes specifications of how many ads we will need and what goal each should have. 

For example if we have 1 landing page, we will have to think about how the ads will run. In this instance, prospecting campaigns on TOF targeting cold audiences. These ads will get the attention of the right users and make them click through to the landing page. 

After, we will run MOF ads where we will target users that have already engaged with an ad before but haven’t clicked through to the landing page. Here you want to increase their desire or build more trust.

We also want to have retargeting ads running, where the best strategy is to highlight the offer better, explain why it is better for them to buy this product and choose your brand and get it now.  

With a more complicated sales funnel or lead generation campaign where the customer journey has several steps. The retargeting you usually do, sends the user back to the landing page they opted out or to the next one. Your ad copy needs to reflect that. 

Basically each landing page will need their own set of ad copy and possible further break down into TOF / MOF/ BOF versions.

5. Brainstorm Ideas

Once you have chosen personas and have a detailed list of how many ads you need for your campaigns it’s time to brainstorm ideas. 

My favorite method is to prioritise based on the persona groups and think of 10 angles / ideas that would match those audiences keeping in mind what action I am expecting them to do on the landing page. 

You don’t need to have 3 x 10 ideas, but at least 10 all together. 

These ideas can include whether you want an ad copy including a review, or list benefits, or want to talk about a problem it solves, or pick ingredients and focus the whole selling point on that etc

 It’s important to not create variations of an angle, but really list 10 different ideas. 

6. Draft Copies

I would start choosing the top 3 ideas and work it out, creating 3 – 3 variations each, and if needed create variations for TOF / MOF / BOF as well following the main angle. 

Usually we test an angle only on TOF and if it works we would move it to MOF and BOF or work on the variation. However if you only want to improve MOF, BOF campaign this method works as well. 

Just remember, if something works on warmer audiences, it’s not guaranteed that it will work on cold traffic.

When you finish with your drafts and have a list of ad copies that matches with your initial requirements, I like to go through the whole sales funnel again starting with the ad copies and see if everything makes sense. 

I personally like working on the ad copies first and then send the copies to the production team or to the editors because it’s basically a script for them. This will make their work easier and it will save you time.

In some cases you don’t have an option to create new videos, so before you test the new ad copies check if it works together with the creative assets. 

You really don’t want to upload an ad copy that has nothing to do with the image or video showing. 

7. Test 

It’s time to see which ad angles and variations are going to make it. 

Set up your benchmarks to be sure you send enough impressions to each variation and give the best possible chance to your new ad copies. 

I often see that ad copies are not being recycled or used once it’s proven to be not working, which can be a big mistake as performance will depend on many other factors. 

Before you start working on new ad copies, see if you can test with a different image, different audience, different CTA or just mix and match with another ad copy. 

This will save you time and you will find a winning ad copy much faster!

Hope you enjoyed the read and don’t forget,

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