How To Use Facebook Lead Ads For Ecommerce 2020

One of the best tools that Facebook offers for businesses to grow their fans and customers are Lead Ads.

What Is One of the Major Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads?

They allow advertisers to collect information from prospects directly from mobile ads. That’s key for Facebook’s 88 percent share of mobile users–especially since it typically takes 40 percent longer to complete forms on desktop.

With lead ads you don’t send traffic to an external webpage where you show lead opt-in and then customers must fill that form and press submit, but you make an ad where prospect’s information (name and email) is pre-populated so they just have to hit submit.

Another advantage Facebook lead generation ads offer is that generated leads can be synced directly with your company’s customer-relationship management system or downloaded as a .CSV file. This allows marketers to follow-up more efficiently, which is vital for closing the deal.

How Do I Optimize Lead Ads on Facebook?

If you’ve created some campaigns till now on Facebook, then you know that optimization is everything. Process to optimize lead campaigns is the same as with conversion campaigns or with any other objective.

Usually we start with some general targeting based on the audience we want to reach. We upload one piece of content and we add some text. Depending on the budget, we have to wait to see what kind of performance we will get.

If we get bad CPC, then we know something is wrong with our ad or targeting and we need to tweak it. Same is with CPL (cost per lead). If we get too high CPL that is not profitable or breakeven for our business, then we need to optimize it.

There are many strategies on how to lower CPL and our media team has swiss-knife for every situation, but in general is very simple. Test, test, test. Till you don’t find a perfect combination of good creative and good ad copy that is giving good CPL at desired budget.

How Much Do Facebook Lead Ads Cost?

Every year from 2015 we see cost per leads or conversions are slightly increasing. This is due to Facebook growing and becoming a better tool, with millions of advertisers who are competing for their clicks. Same happened with Google in early days when CPC went from few cents to few dozen cents.

With Facebook we assume it’s gonna be a very similar story, so be ready to spend more for your leads in upcoming years.
Our lead campaigns for clients are very different. We’ve had clients whose CPL was below $5, and we have clients who are happy with CPL around $30. That all depends on what product or service you’re selling and how much is your CLV (customer lifetime value).

Example: If you know that your CLV is $90, but your product you sell costs only $45, then you know that you can spend more than $45 to acquire a new customer. How much more is based on your other costs and processes in your business.

How Do I Download Lead Ads from Facebook?

When your Lead campaign is live and is bringing you leads, you need to download those leads and import them into your CRM or email marketing tools. How you do this is pretty simple.

You just need to go to the Publishing Tools tab at the top of your Facebook page and click Forms Library on the left side of the screen. You need to have administrator access to view forms. After that you just select Form Library to access your forms.

Facebook Leads Ad Examples

Below are a few different examples of lead forms found online, just to generate a few ideas of how you can use this tool in your business.

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