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How to Successfully Build a Facebook Ad Funnel for an Ecommerce Store

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If you are an ecom store owner, or thinking to transition your business online one of the biggest challenges you will face is how to get visitors (traffic) to your webshop.

Paid advertising makes it possible and somewhat easy to “buy” traffic, which gives you an opportunity to sell your products to the website visitors, aka convert them into customers. 

Facebook is one of the most powerful paid advertising platforms where you can create and run these ad campaigns to acquire new visitors and customers.  

It sounds easy, however when it comes to monetization of the online traffic there are several curial steps that you need to follow. 

Remember you are not just looking to sell by chance to anyone who visits your store!

When you pay for the traffic you need to make sure that you get the highest possible store conversion rate with the highest possible average order value to get the most out of your adspend. 

The ad funnel starts from the ad impression and ends with the purchase confirmation. Throughout this process you need to make sure that you communicate the right information and lead the visitor to the next step. 

To build successful ad funnels takes time, lots of testing, experiment and optimization. It is a continuous work and costs $$$$. 

We are now giving you some tips to help you build your ad funnels with Facebook advertising and avoid common mistakes which will save you $$$$ from your testing budget. 

  • Everything starts with selecting the right audience that you are targeting and sending them through an ad-funnel which is likely going to get the best returns for you. Choose your audience right. Research and create several Buyer Personas. Each audience segment will have different motivation, consideration process prior purchase, so it’s important to segment them and work out a funnel for each of them or prioritise them. This is not only important to maintain a good conversion rate, but to help the advertising platform’s algorithm to optimise your campaigns better, show your ads to more people and in return you will be rewarded with better CPM’s and lower adcosts. 
  • TOF – top of funnel is the most important part of your ad funnel and campaign strategy.  Here you are purely targeting cold audiences that have never heard of your brand before. These campaigns are targeting your different audience segments to capture their attention and make them engage with the ad and preferably click on it. As this is the first time they are learning from your brand it is important to make an impact. Based on your research with your audiences you need to highlight the key motivations, problems, features, benefits why they should check out your product or listen to your ad message. You don’t have to convince them yet to buy your products. Your main goal here is to preselect your potential buyers with getting an action out of them. Ideally it is a click to the ad, or any engagement that is measurable and can be retargeted later. Do not only focus on the CTR (Click through rate) as you need to look at it together with the quality. For example if you are showing a not related, very interesting, maybe even misleading ad you might get high CTR’s but noone will actually purchase. You don’t need that traffic, don’t buy it. Preselect the audience right. 
  • Once your audience clicks, they will get to your landing page. It is very important to give all information to the user on the landing page that they would expect after seeing the ad. If they have a problem that you featured in the ad you need to talk about it and lead the visitor through that to your product. 

The Landing page needs to be user friendly, easy to navigate and help the user step by step to make the decision and buy. Analysing customer journey’s and again your existing customers, their pain points, motivations, concerns, doubts will help you create the best converting landing page and the best offer. 

Webanalystics is crucial to building a successful ad funnel. You need to make sure to track every step of the users from all traffic sources to see where they are dropping off, what is stopping them to buy, how do they behave on your website.

  • BOF – Bottom of funnel is your second most important part in your ad funnel. Everyone who dropped off of your website/landing page needs to be retargeted. They need to be retargeted with a very different approach to the TOF, as these audiences are already familiar with your product and brand. They have been on your website before, but decided not to buy for some reason. If you do your research and web analytics right, or just listen to your visitors, customers’ feedback you can already guess what these concerns or doubts are. On the BOG Facebook ads you need to address these points. You need to reassure them that they are wrong and they should indeed buy from you. The goal is to make the audience click again, come back to the landing page and purchase. 

Common practise to give extra discounts, different offers with some urgency for these customers to motivate them better. 

  • Middle of funnel, MOF is the audience that got your TOF ads attention, they might have watched your ad video, or liked your ad, followed your Facebook Page or Instagram, but they have not clicked through to your landing page. Usually these audiences need some extra convincing either of your product or the brand. Retargeting them with ads that talk to them more about the product features and benefits, or if they might have trust issues, a customer testimonial ad, or how we call itt user generated content would probably work. 

Once a user from this audience group is clicked to your landing page will get into the BOF audience if the purchase was not made.

Each part of the ad funnel is important and not dismissable if you want to succeed. Will need lots of testing and a message that is appealing to your visitors and target audiences. It needs to be relevant and clearly have a call to action to the next step that you want them to do. 

Hope you enjoyed the read! If you’re spending over $500 a day and need help with your retargeting campaigns book a call below:

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