How to Set Up Campaigns with Very Different Products and Sales Funnels

Hi Guys, It’s Monika here again. 

We covered a couple times that ideally when you have a brand you want to have an ad funnel that converts the best and focuses on new customer acquisition. 

This is a very general strategy. Having a winning offer will actually make your advertising simple as you only have to perfect that irresistible offer. 

Often we see brands running ads to so many different products, offers and landers that testing each of them with different creatives is a very expensive experience. 

However there are situations when this strategy is not executable. 

Either because you have too many products / offers that are not connected to each other or front end profitability is your first priority and customer acquisition comes second. In this case, it will indicate that your backend is not strong enough or developed at all and you don’t have offers that can be used for up-selling, cross-selling or even for re-selling. 

Of course ideally I would start working on this issue but it doesn’t mean you cannot run ads in the meantime. 

Checking Pixel Events

First and most important thing is to check your pixel events on all landers. I often see that different sales funnels have different pixel events set up which means the data the pixel receives is all mixed up. 

This will make it very hard for the algorithm to optimize your campaigns. 

Once you understand what steps the user takes for each funnel and each step is tracked by the pixel and across the funnels these events are sort of consistent, you can segment your audiences for each funnel.

TOF audiences 

MOF audiences 

BOF audiences – for that specific funnel

Cross-sell audiences 

If needed use url filtering, FB analytics, or dynamic parameters, such content ID to create these audiences. 

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Campaign Breakdown

For each funnel that you want to run or test, set up all 4 campaigns. 

For example: for TOF campaigns will only target people that have not purchased from your store, have not visited the specific offer’s landing page or purchased anything else from your store.  

For MOF choose IG and FB engagers and video viewers (only those videos that are related to the offer) and exclude everyone again who have ever been on your website.

For BOF campaigns, include only audiences that visited the specific funnel, added to cart or initiated checkout.   

For the Retention cross-sell campaign choose audiences that haven’t seen your offer yet but have visited other funnels, purchased something else. 

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Once you have all 4 campaigns set up for each of your offers you will be able to separate the traffic more efficiently and monetise on the data that you collected. 

This method is also very good for testing sales funnels 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the read and don’t forget,

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