How To Model Creatives & Dramatically Drop Your CPA

How do you maintain profitability while scaling? 

Everyone wants to double or triple their ad spend and see consistent results BUT very few brands successfully achieve this.

One of our clients has been with the Agency for 6 weeks and we have taken them from spending just under $500/ day to $3,000 / day, with the CPA dropping from $50 to $30 in that time period.

I am going to show you a step by step breakdown of the creative changes we implemented on the account to see this result.

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Step 1: I Spoke to The Client & Asked Him What Are the Top 10 Reasons People Buy Your Product.

This allowed me to understand the buyers behaviour of why they want or need the product.

And this helped me map out my creative ideas for the brand.

Step 2: I Stalked the Brands Competition on the Facebook Ads Library and Saved Any Videos / Images I Thought Stood Out as Quality.

Over the years I have also downloaded 1000’s of videos and images and added them into a Google Drive folder breaking them down by niche so I have really amazing creatives to look at when I need to make new ones.

Step 3: I Found 10 Videos I Wanted to Model and Broke Them Down

If you look close enough you will see that every single video ad follows a formula. Often they will include things such as; problems, benefits, features, social proof, reviews, user generated content, showcasing products and a call to action.

For these 10 videos I broke down the structure of it and then made the video ad copy relevant for our client. For example a videos structure might have been this:

Problem > Push Pain Point > Introduce Product / Brand > Benefits > Social Proof > Guarantee > Call To Action

All of these 10 videos were different, had different editing styles and ensured the client had 10 dramatically different styles so we could hopefully see big changes in results.

Step 4: Get a Video Editor to Make the Video

For this part you will show the video editor the original video you want to model, you will give them the video ad copy you want in your video and the footage / photos you want in the video. 

Get them to model the video exactly so the transitions and the editing style is the same, but only this time it has your brands content and messaging within it.

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Step 5: Add It Into Your Ads Manager and Wait

Now that you have 10 different videos to launch, add them into campaigns and watch the results improve and your ability to scale occur.

Inside the very first week with the client we saw the CPA drop massively because creative changes allow that to happen. Making small tweaks to targeting or bidding strategies will not get you profitable. Focus on the big levers in your Business.

Hope this helped and you get some great results from it.

If you want me to do an audit of your ad account, your creatives and your website, book a call below and I will show you how to triple your budget while maintaining good results!

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