How to Create Dynamic Content on Instagram – PART 1

Dynamic content makes you stop while scrolling – and after all, that’s the ultimate goal. 

You have 4 options on Instagram posting dynamic content: simple video posts, Reels, Stories, and IGTV. 

Today, we will speak about the Video posts and Stories and give you many new ideas for your content creation! 

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If you want to create a video post, upload your pre-recorded video from your mobile device’s media library, or film an immediate video right during posting. Don’t overthink it, just record something interesting, which you think resonates well with your audience. 

If you run a business, there are plenty of ideas that can help you provide information about your product – and still look like easy native content. 

Here is a quick summary about the content which will convert the best:

  • Brand awareness / Lifestyle: record a video while someone is using your product, in different situations!
  • Behind the scenes: show your warehouse – walk around the shelves with your camera, film how the goods arrive, how you or your colleagues prepare the tons of orders for delivery.
  • Educational: explain in detail, and also show how your product is being used! 
  • Tips & tricks: Share your best insider tips – who could give better suggestions if not the brand itself? You can create a separate video per tip – so you have content for a weekly post routine.
  • Influencer or user-generated content: you can repost videos made by influencers or customers – User-generated content is always the best!
  • Something funny: just light & entertaining content, a funny moment, or a challenge – if you are lucky, this can go viral, and your brand awareness can grow a lot. Don’t forget the hashtags!
  • Promotional: If you are running a sale, or promotion –  feel free to post a video about it! You will increase your conversion rate a lot!
  • FAQ: reply to frequently asked questions in a video!

Don’t forget, your IG feed posts can be found on search result pages, on Explore & hashtag pages as well. This is how new followers will find you! As the posts will stay on your feed, try to create “long-term” valid content – keep the very light videos for your story!

Instagram Stories

When it comes to Stories, you have to think even more about building a sustainable strategy. As the Stories disappear after 24 hours, you can go towards a lighter thematic here and can even follow a bit more ad-hoc content creation. Besides, with a bit of planning, you can complete your normal posts with quality content stories, which worths being thematically saved on your account. 

What kind of content is the best choice for Stories?

  • The story surface is great to get more personal. You can create stories based on your IG feed posts, and you can complete the shared information there.
  • Activate your follower base! Ask an open question or start voting about colors, styles, improvements of your product. 
  • You can create a weekly routine, like a “Sweepstake – Sunday”, or a “Tell-your-story Tuesday” or even a “Flash-sale Friday” –  your followers will wait for these events and will be more and more active every week!
  • You can also feature a follower’s post or story, showing your people how often your customers mention you and showcase positive customer reviews. 
  • You can answer customer questions – and save the post into a FAQ / Q&A story collection.
  • Interact & involve – In the morning, ask people what they plan for the day, share your plans and in the evening you can inform them about the week’s schedule you are planning. (promotion, sweepstake, live, etc)
  • Use location stickers, date & time stickers, and insert poll stickers to get your followers involved. Ask questions about the content your followers want and create that content the day after!
  • “Ask me anything” day –  you can get valuable input about the topics your customers are interested in. Replying to these questions will increase brand awareness, and will make your brand likable. 
  • Promote your fresh content: New blog posts, new events, upcoming promotions – or a countdown until the new product arrives.

If you start implementing these tips, you will easily fill with content your IG Story. Try to post at least 3x a week, but if you can build a thematic plan – even every day! Your customers will like that you provide value – without repeating yourself. 

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