How To Create Dynamic Content On Instagram – PART 3

If you have never used Reels, it can be scary at the beginning – how to start with it?

Well, it said that “Reels are the TikTok’s of Instagram.” They’re full-screen. Short videos that give you everything letting your creativity shine through!

You can record up to 30 seconds with no ad breaks in Reel mode and share it customized!

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You will have a lot of editing possibilities. You can adjust the speed, add effects, and touch up your creativity.

If you want more than 10 seconds of Reel, add music!

Reels are like having Insta stories on your feed. If you have a business, post a mix of Reels and regular posts (videos & images) and use it as a marketing tool.

Instagram has around 500 million daily users. Imagine that potential.

Unique content will increase engagement, improve your brand awareness, and boost your sales. The best trick is using a viral song as background music.

Reels can appear in 3 different places: on your feed, on the Reel tab, and the account’s grid view. This means that you have to prepare for these three dimensions. The Reels videos have the “usual” Story ad dimensions: 1080×1920. Your followers will see this version in your Reels tab, the Explore page, and Hashtag Pages.

The other dimension your Reed will show up is the normal feed zone. The system will show only 1080×1350 size. Fit all the texts you want your followers to read into this dimension.

Show your Reels in your main feed by adding a cover image, don’t forget that the grid size is 1080×1080 square.  You have to make sure that your text fits inside this square.  

This may sound not very easy, but believe me, it will take only 1-2 tries, and you will create Reels like a Pro!

Start using Reels to boost your business. Start with at least 1 Reels/ week to understand its effect on your numbers.

Don’t forget to build a thematic plan. Design your content in advance. Use Reels for a certain kind of content.

You also can share testimonials and user-generated content on your “Reels-days.”

Your customer will like the value you provide. Just try not to repeat yourself. 

In the next chapter, I will come back with some IGTV tips – stay tuned!

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