How to Create Dynamic Content on Instagram – PART 2

In this chapter, we will speak about Instagram Stories. 

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Instagram Stories

When it comes to Instagram Stories, you have to think about building a sustainable strategy. 

Since Stories disappear after 24 hours, you can have a lighter approach or be more ad-hoc with your content creation. With a bit of planning, you can complete your normal posts with quality content stories and create highlights for visitors to browse. 

What kind of content is the best choice for Stories?

  • The story surface is great to get more personal. You can create stories based on your IG feed posts and save information on your highlight for people to revisit when looking at your profile.
  • Engage your follower base! Ask an open question or start poll about colors, styles, and improvements of your product. 
  • You can create a weekly routine, like a “Sweepstake – Sunday”, or a “Tell-your-story Tuesday” or even a “Flash-sale Friday” –  your followers will wait for these events and will be more and more active every week!
  • Feature a follower’s post or story, showing your audience how often your customers mention you, and also to showcase positive customer reviews. 
  • You can answer customer questions – and save the post into a FAQ / Q&A story highlight.
  • Interact & involve – In the morning, ask people what they plan for the day, share your plans and in the evening you can inform them about the week’s schedule you are planning. (promotion, sweepstake, live etc)
  • Use location stickers, date & time stickers, and insert poll stickers to get your followers involved. Ask questions about the content your followers want and create that content the day after!
  • “Ask me anything” day –  you can get valuable input about the topics your customers are interested in. Replying on these questions will increase brand awareness, and will make your brand likable. 
  • Promote your fresh content: New blog post, new events, upcoming promotions – or a countdown until the new product arrives.

If you start implementing these tips, you’ll easily fill your IG story with valuable content. 

Try to post at least 3x / week, or if you can build out a thematic plan – try every day! Your customer will like the value you provide. Just try not to repeat yourself.  

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