How to Build Effective Retargeting Campaigns for Ecommerce Stores

Retargeting is all about utilising the data you collect in different touch points of your business. It can be online, offline, paid and organic as well. 

Using Facebook we often forget about other channels or off of Facebook touchpoints that sometimes can boost sales tremendously. It doesn’t matter where or when you reach your audiences if you are able to do so. 

Television advertising relies heavily on retargeting as whatever they are advertising is just the 1st touchpoint of their marketing strategy. Once you are at the retail store they will remind you of the ad and reason why you connected to the ad. 

On Facebook or on online channels retargeting is very similar, but with 2 extremely important factors that are on our side. 

  1. It is trackable. You can measure who visited your page, product page, when, how long they looked at it, what they were doing on the page and when they left. 
  2. You can offer an instant opportunity to buy your product. You don’t need people to visit your store, or remind them in the aisles to buy it. They get on with it right away. 

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How To Make Sure Your eCommerce Retargeting Campaigns Are Effective? 

The first step is to track it. Make sure you place a pixel event – a tag – on every step leading up to making a purchase decision. From viewing your video, engaging your post through adding to cart a specific product. Analyse all touchpoints in the customer journey and find a way to be able to create audience segments for each of them. Don’t be afraid to step out of FB. Your customer might click on your ad because he saw your product on Pinterest, maybe a friend of them tweeted about it. It doesn’t matter as long as you are aware of it and able to track and segment your audiences. 

Build customer friendly landing pages and sales funnels. Analyse what information are users looking for throughout the customer journey, when they opt out, how can you prevent it and make sure they can easily go through the funnel without any doubt in their mind about the purchase. You can use tools tracking user behaviors on the website, you can ask friends to go through the buying process, or you can conduct surveys. The more information you get the better changes you will make to improve user experience. 

Give them the offer they want! Once you make a seamless landing page and target, retarget users that were initially interested in the offer, you may find yourself in a position when the offer does still not convert. Rethink the offer. 

What is the specification of each audience segment? What is their motivation? What is their goal? Can you give them an offer they’d want? If yes custome the deals. 

Maybe users that keep coming back to the page without a purchase are looking for a great discount. Someone that dropped out at checkout might need some reassurance about shipping times. Know your customers and provide what they need or meet them halfway. Your conversion rates will radically increase.

Don’t forget about existing customers. Existing customers are often excluded from FB ads, promotions. Email marketing is the best way to reach out to existing customers, but sometimes opening emails requires a form of loyalty. If it’s about a 2nd time purchase you may not have it yet. Try to create some special offers for customers that aren’t loyal and run via FB on low budget. 

You can also try a unique offline approach and send a DM via direct mail. Since they ordered from you, you have their postal address. Send them a catalog with the latest products, or a coupon code and see if they react to it. In some cases it is cheaper than online advertising. 

Organic reach can be also utilised with existing customers as they will likely to Follow you page or IG account. 

Set the right exclusions. When you work with retargeting audiences CPM’s are likely to be higher than on TOF / cold campaigns because the advertising platforms know that you want that specific user. Make sure you don’t create unnecessary duplicates or forget to exclude overlaps because it will hurt the performance of your campaigns and will overall increase CPA’s.  

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