How to Build a Monthly IG Plan

Your IG page can help you get sales just as much as your website. 

It’s common that users, who are your possible future customers – search for brands on Instagram. 

We all know that posting quality content frequently is not easy at all. 

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Instagram is a highly creative platform, where you have to follow actual trends in order to keep up with the flow. 

I collected some tips & tricks on how you can organize your efforts while keeping in step with the most relevant trends.

Let’s have a look!

1. Start at the Basics

I suggest spending some hours thinking again about the basics. 

What is your goal with your account? 

Do you want to grow your brand awareness? 

Do you want to sell directly from Instagram? 

Do you want to create a community, which you can grow to a great performing target group? 

If you successfully (re)defined your goal, you made a big step forward in deciding the type of posts you want to create.

2. Planning is Everything

Did you ever feel the “posting-day” stress? 

The feeling when you know that you should post something, but still no idea, no content, no photo… it is really disturbing.

But you also know, that if you want a sustainable & growing IG channel for your brand, you cannot afford inconsequent posting. 

The solution for your problem is called planning. If you take your time, sit down and write your next month’s post plan, your life will be so much easier and relaxed. 

Believe me, relieving this stress will also boost your creativity!

3. Create Thematic Directions

Writing your monthly planning will be way easier if you define 5-6 directions and you just keep on posting them after each other. I collected some options for this: 

  • Brand awareness / Lifestyle: show your product in different situations, tag places, people, pages with a lot of followers (like magazines) It’s key important, to choose such a thematic, which matches your brand quality and core values!
  • Behind the scenes: share some backside information with your followers. Show your warehouse, introduce your people, make a video about how an order is packed, and follow its way until posting…
  • Educational: show how your product is being used. Speak about benefits, and how customers can maximize their user experience with your brand.
  • Tipps&tricks: Share your best insider tips – who could give better suggestions if not the brand itself? Expert advice is always welcomed by followers!
  • Influencer or user-generated content: the real social prof is really convincing. Post happy customers, share influencer posts –  they are very much liked by customers. 
  • Easy and fun: Entertaining content. Share your everyday experience with the product, showing your cat, or dog. Non-promotional content improves the overall brand.
  • Promotional: Sometimes feel free to post about ongoing or upcoming promotions. This will allow your follower base to prepare for shopping! 
  • FAQ: reply to frequently asked questions in a post
  • Contest: start a small sweepstake to get new followers and to grow rapidly! Don’t forget to keep everything legal, and to post the terms of participation.

4. Prepare Labeled Boxes for Your Ideas.

Place a block of post-it on your desk. Write it on a piece of paper when an idea pops. Drop it into the matching thematic box. You don’t need to create the posts right away… your ideas are waiting for you at your next monthly planning session!

5. Create in Advance! 

You can use apps to write and schedule the next month’s posts in advance.

You can plan 1-2-3 posts per week, and you need only to take care of replying to comments and watching your profile grow. 

Planning will help you avoid most of the stress. If you don’t succeed to complete everything on the planned day, just let it go.

Nothing will change, and this will not spoil your long-term success! Just relax and try to enjoy it! 

6. Try to Have Fun – in the end, it’s very important not to take everything too seriously.

To be continued…! 

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