How IOS14 Might Affect Your Facebook Ads and Ecommerce Brand

Hi Everyone, it’s Monika here from the DimNiko Team.

One of the biggest questions and concerns going into 2021 is Apple’s latest iOS14 update and its effect on the advertisers. 

With the looming worry, our team wanted to put together some information to help you navigate through the upcoming changes. 

Let’s jump into it.. 

Why Is This Update Super Important for Facebook and Any Other Platform? 

Apple has announced changes with iOS 14 that will provide an opt-in for users to choose whether to allow third-party sites to track their user data. Basically giving a choice for users to allow third-party sites to track their online activities across browsers and devices.

This will affect how Facebook receives and processes conversion events from the pixel and therefore ads personalisation and performance reporting will be limited. 

As well as that their AI which has been helping (or not) advertisers to get the best traffic simply won’t work. 

We’re still learning and trying to understand how this will exactly affect Ad buying and it’s performance, but we are confident that Facebook and Instagram will remain the best advertising channels for acquiring new customers and scaling brands.

Expected and Most Important Limitations

  • There will be only 8 standard pixel events to optimise for per domain (Landing Page View, Add to Cart, Initiated Checkout, Lead….). 
  • Delayed reporting (data may be delayed up to 3 days)
  • Facebook will use statistical modelling and report estimated Results
  • Reporting breakdowns will be limited, such age, gender, placement, region
  • Attribution window changes, Only 1 day click, 7 day click, 1 day click and 1 day view and 7 days click and 1 day view will be available.  
  • Targeting limitations, smaller audience sizes expected 
  • Audience Network will probably be the most affected placement as it relies the most on App advertising. 

How Will The IOS14 Update Affect Your Ecom Brand?

It is hard to tell just yet. 

We have no way of knowing how this will actually impact our ad campaigns and performance. 

The information is continuously changing, as well how third party platforms, and users react and respond.

It may make it extremely hard on new advertisers to compete with bigger brands, or could mean the opposite and help small businesses with less amount of pixel data.

What we know for sure is that advertisers need to relearn the trends and strategies that were helping them achieve results and set KPI’s. 

Without the reporting breakdown and with delayed attribution, analysing the data, the traffic and performance will be less accurate and much harder. 

This will make personalised marketing much more challenging and will require more work especially with smaller, less accurate audience pools to target and retarget.

Brands will need to know more about their buyers, and rely more on backend marketing for retargeting. 

It will change user behaviors and only time will tell how many of them will actually opt out of tracking and how users will appreciate retargeting offers. 

Overall, the art of media buying will be the essence for success. 

What You Can Do To Prepare For The Update

There are a couple things that Facebook suggest to do in order to be prepared for the changes and avoid any disruption of the campaigns. 

  1. Update to Facebook’s SDK for iOS 14 version 8.1 if you have a business app 
  2. Verify your website’s domain
  3. Set up Conversion API
  4. Turn on Auto-Advanced Matching in Ads Manager

As only 8 standard pixel events will be available to choose from to optimise your campaigns for, and possibly get reporting data on, we highly recommend to review any custom pixel events you may have on your website and conversion funnels. 

Overall I think there is no reason to panic. 

For sure there will be change which is not expected and not welcomed. But, we don’t know what the actual impact will be until these implications are set live. 

Let’s not forget that Facebook has over 2.7 billion active users leaving it to be the best advertising platform to find new customers. 

And most importantly good products and services will always sell.

So, if you’re a brand owner worried about these changes here’s the TLDR:

  • Work on your funnels and setup a thorough backend 
  • Optimise for user experience
  • Prioritize customer service
  • Make sure you have organic engagement 
  • And, above all else, ensure your product / service is high-quality. 

And while you’re working on your brand, Facebook will for sure find a way to keep its advertisers and continue to monetise their user base via advertising. They are a business after all. 

So, if you’re still worried about how IOS14 will affect your brand, working with an Agency who lives and breathes Facebook Ads will help set you up for success when this update is implemented. 

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