Facebook Ad Copy Is Useless In eCommerce Ads

When you are selling physical products the video or image of your ad is significantly more important to acquiring customers versus ad copy.

You need to understand that consumers buy a product once they see it, understand how it works, see how it will fit into their life and see why they need it.

The best way to do this is through video creatives or image creatives NOT with ad copy.

Try and explain what a product looks like, how a product feels, try and explain how to use a product, try and use words to show how a product helps.

It is very difficult to do this in eCommerce.

But, with video and images you can showcase what a product looks like, explain and show how it feels, explain how to use it and physically show how it helps.

With the vast majority of the ad accounts we manage, we tell the client to put much more time and effort into the video/image creative vs ad copy.

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Ad Copy is Better in Niches Such as Lead Generation VS. eCommerce.

People will buy when they trust a brand, when they understand how the product will fit into their life and their objections have been handled. All of which are much easier to convey in a video vs text.

You are much better off spending the time you are writing copy, creating extra videos or images. 

You will see a much bigger uplift in results if you spend more time working on new videos and new images for your brand.

The best strategy suggestion I have for you is to create multiple images and videos, use a dynamic creative campaign, keep the ad copy and headlines brand generic and I am sure your results will improve as your core focus is now the image / video.

Just think about it for a second, are you more likely to buy a product after reading about it or watching a video explaining and showing it?

That is why you buy from image/video ads from Facebook, Youtube or TV vs the newspaper or magazines.

That is why you want to physically see a product vs just read about it.

So next time you are thinking about copywriting for your ads, turn that attention to your video / images as you will see much better results.

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