Essential Audiences Who Should Never Be Missed When Starting a Facebook Ad Account

When we start advertising in Facebook Ads, we all know that it’s critical to have the pixel installed and events configured on your website.

Once everything is implemented, one of the first things we must do is create Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences. 

We want to get the most out of the Facebook pixel. That’s why we have to create a long list of audiences who we use in ads later. Without these audiences, we would not be able to work in the different levels of the funnel making it very difficult for retargeting.

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Custom Audiences lets you retarget people who have interacted with your business before: those who have purchased from your store or visited your website. 

The Lookalike Audiences is an incredible tool that allows us to create audiences who are similar to the people currently engaging with our business.

Every business needs to create audiences based on their business needs and niche, but there are some basic audiences that cannot be missed. 

When we create custom audiences we cover different periods of time and thus have more options to set up the campaigns. We use 3, 7,15, 30, 60, 90, 180 days.

Custom Audiences from our website

Custom Audiences from your website is a targeting option that matches people who visit your website with people on Facebook, using the Facebook pixel.

  • Page View: people viewing your website.
  • Purchase: people who purchase on your website.
  • Add to cart: people who add to cart on your website.
  • Initiated check out: people initiated check out on your website.

Engagement Custom Audience

These are made up of people who have engaged with your content across videos, Facebook page or Instagram account.

  • Facebook page: people who follow or interact with your Facebook page. 
  • Instagram account: people who visited or interacted with your Instagram profile, posts or ads. 
  • Video: people who watched your videos on Facebook or Instagram.

Lookalike Audience 

Lookalike Audiences are people who are similar to audiences you already care about. You can create multiple lookalikes with different levels of similarity to your source.

The best way is to create the 10 of them (1%, 1% to 2%, 2% to 3% following up to 10%).

A 1% lookalike consists of the people most similar to your lookalike audience source. Increasing the percentage creates a bigger, broader audience.

Lookalikes that cannot be missed out on targeting 180 days of period time are page view, purchase, add to cart, Facebook engages, and Instagram engagers.

We see that a large number of accounts are not using audiences properly for the funnel to be consistent.

These are some suggestions:

  • On TOF campaigns exclude: Purchase 180 days, Add to cart 30 days and Page View 30 days.
  • On MOF campaigns include: Facebook & Instagram engagers. 

Exclude: Purchase 180 days, Add to cart 30 days, and Page View 30 days.

  • On BOF campaigns include: Add to cart 30 days and Page View 30 days.

           Exclude: Purchase 180 days.

Use the audiences in a structured way and you will see that your campaigns will be much more effective.

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