Does Your Team Have a Marketing Roadmap?

If you’re a marketer or have been running your own ads, you’re probably already familiar with the term roadmap… or at least should be. 

If not… 

The basic definition of a roadmap, doesn’t matter what the roadmap is based on, it’s a way to make sure your strategy stays organized, making sure you and your team reach your targets or goals.

Does your team need a marketing roadmap?

Short answer: Yes!

A roadmap is a great tool for your team to refer to while accomplishing daily, weekly or monthly tasks.

It gives your team a structure and shows your clients your organization and focus.

Step 1: Set Your Goals Straight. 

What are you planning to achieve? What are the main goals? And when do you plan to get it done? 

Setting the right goals and realistic timelines is the main and most important step in a roadmap.

Those goals or targets must be measurable, so you can easily keep track if you are working in the right direction.

Step 2: Set the Necessary Steps / Actions You Need to Achieve Each Goal

These actions must be completed in a specific amount of time, generally giving you a shorter timeline while working along the roadmap.

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Step 3: Connect Your Roadmap to Your Marketing Strategy

Some people think that having a general strategy is enough, but working on a strategy while following a roadmap will help you make sure that you are on the right track.

A roadmap will help you connect the main points of your marketing plan while giving a better understanding for your clients as well as your team, giving more clarity.

Marketers sometimes feel that they are working on creating new campaigns blindly, without a real understanding on how they are affecting the customer’s business.

Once you’ve set up a roadmap, it’s extremely important that all team members involved are aware of the steps to follow and the goals to achieve.

Your team must follow the roadmap on a daily basis, they must be aware of the tasks or actions to take next in order to achieve the specific goals.

On the other side, your customers must be well aware and informed on which part of the roadmap you are at each specific moment in time.

Do you have any questions about how to work on your own roadmap?

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