Built-In Solutions to Customize Your Catalog Sales Ads

As the busiest sales period of the year just began, it’s very important to provide unique ads and angles separating you from your competition

You should aim to personalise the visuals you use, so they don’t get boring, and seem always up-to-date! You can add branding to your pics, a sticker, or even a seasonal frame – all will help you to get out of the crowd and make yourself conspicuous.

Today I will show you how to customise your catalogue ads to look much cooler than your competitor’s. Be different & take action! 

Did you know you can use frames in your ads? Even if you don’t have a creative team behind, you can create some really nice layouts with minimal efforts by using the tips below.

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How to Design a Custom Frame?

You can use any image editing software, like Canva, or PicMonkey. Just open it, and choose FB post, or a simple 1:1 dimension from the pre-sets. Don’t forget, to set the background to transparent, as you will add the frame to your catalogue / or post as an extra layer. Your product will be in the centre of the square! 

Then you can choose from several thematic free images, like snowflakes, Xmas present boxes, mistletoes… and you also can upload your brand logo, or any custom vector graphic and place it to a corner. 

Here is an example of a simple design

If you don’t want to use graphics, but want to display your key message – just write your best offer below the product area – it will be displayed on every single catalogue card. Use coloured text, as the product background will be white. 

Basically, that’s all! 

Save your frame design in PNG format, (that’s important because only the Png format will preserve the transparent background)  and you can already upload it to the Ads manager. 

Here we go… You are ready to start creating your brand-new festive catalogue ad-designs!

How to Set Up Your Campaign?

Its really easy, just follow these steps: 

  1. Open your ads Manager and create a new Facebook campaign. Select Catalog Sales as your campaign objective.
  2. Select your catalogue, which you want to promote.
  3. Set up your budget, audience, placement, and don’t forget to choose the goal: purchase on ad set level. 
  4. Its time to create your ad. You can choose the carousel format, or you can switch on Dynamic formats and creative. 
  5. Scroll down to Creative Tools and click on Edit creative. You will customize your catalogue look here, and create your unique offer in seconds! 

What Are Your Options Here? 

  • Catalogue information:  You can place information on the catalogue cards about price, percentage off, delivery information, as you can see in the picture below! You can customise the colour, but also the shape of the info-box, and you can also select where the chosen information should appear!

  • Frame: you can add your brand new catalogue frame here! Just click upload, and select your design. The system will place it as an overlay, on top of your products.  Here we go! 

As mentioned before, you also can place a frame of text as promo information about your limited time offers, Black Friday or Xmas sale length. 

When your offer finishes, you just switch your border to a new one. 

Here is an example of a limited time offer: 

What else can you do to make your ad even nicer? 

You can add an intro card, which is basically a first catalogue card – with custom image, functioning like a catalogue cover photo.

And – for the last card, you can add your profile picture of your business’ Fb page. You also can customise the website link that people visit when they interact with the card. How cool is that?  

Now, as you are ready with the creative part, you still need to define the texts and headlines as usual, and your ad is ready to go! 

I suggest you to start to use these ad overlays, and watch how your Click-through-rate, Conversion and ROAS increases! Just in time for Xmas sales!

If you are interested, but still not sure how to set up things correctly, we can move this weight from your shoulder and create the best campaigns for you! Just book your call below:  


Liked the topic? There are also other great ways to make your ads a little bit more personalised! These I will show you in my next blog post! See you next time! 

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