How Creating Blog Posts About Your Product Can Boost The Performance!

We’re all used to website conversion campaigns and usually focused on direct sales from our Facebook pages. But I recently tried a different tactic with one of the clients I’m managing and it is outperforming typical acquisition campaigns.

About the Client

The client is from the apparel niche focusing mainly on specific accessories. These products are very seasonal and we are in the middle of the high season which is summer. So the auction is very competitive at the moment and the main goal is to show the items from an angle that significantly differs from the competitors.

It is quite difficult to do this with simple creatives and broad targeting. So we decided to create another Facebook page and post articles about the product similar to native ads.

About the Facebook Page

The title of the page obviously shouldn’t be the name of the brand but it should represent the main passion points of the customers. For example, if you’re selling snowboards and equipment for snowboarding, you can name the page “Winter hobbies” and write an article about the main advantages of your products. For example: “5 reasons why you should buy snowboards from brand X”. This type of content presents your brand with a less salesy approach.

I would highly recommend putting Learn More as a call to action on your ads instead of Shop Now. This way the customers would consider this article as a review of your product.

So obviously the call to action on the landing page itself will lead to your website. And this opens up more audiences for retargeting.

How to Retarget the New Facebook Page

There is a whole new Facebook page with all the engagers which can serve as an additional audience for your MOF campaign. You can also retarget all the visitors of the posts who read but didn’t purchase the product. In both of these cases I would recommend sending the customers to the main website directly without the blog posts.

There’s no need in a second read and the audience should be sufficiently warmed up for direct sales now. Another important piece of advice in case you’ve got multiple products in your shop: Make sure to put the bestselling item in the post but also make sure to change it in case the product is out of stock.

If the customers see a product in the article but don’t find it on the website, there is a higher chance they will be disappointed and won’t purchase anything. But if you change the main focus of the post, this can boost the performance. 

If this tactic works for your brand, I would recommend writing more and more articles presenting your products from different angle, but running from the same Facebook page in order to collect engagement.

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