Basic Elements That Make A Good Converting Ad – Regardless of The Structure of Your Ad.

Running Facebook ads can be confusing. Especially with all the new implementations and regulations in tracking customer behavior.

Most inexperienced media buyers rely on their skills. A little bit of luck trying to find new and existing audiences that give consistent results. If it doesn’t work, they think they are doing it wrong, which isn’t the fact in a lot of cases.

From the first touchpoint, many variables come to entice customers to buy. It all impacts their behavior. But I want to focus on the ad itself. It’s the first and last thing a prospecting customer sees before they land on the page.

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Create prominent and simple CTA

It’s essential to be clear and direct with the intention of your ad. If you want to sell something, “BUY NOW” is perfect. If you’re going to generate a Lead, “SIGN UP” works like a charm.

Direct response marketing means having your prospects take explicit action. Make it as simple as possible. Ensure that your potential customers don’t waste their time thinking.

Use your description!

I’ve seen ads that don’t take advantage of the description. I’ve been guilty of this in the past. The description allows you to clear up any confusion that customers may have. It should be short, simple, and sweet. If your specific product has free shipping, make it clear here.

The description gives you a significant advantage over your competitors. Small steps can add a lot of value to your ad.

Listen to your customers.

As mentioned above, customers may have objections even before they land on your page. It’s something to focus on a lot when creating new ads.
So how do you address these objections?

Include it into your ad copy, creative, and, as mentioned above, in your description. Irrelevant comments hurt the audiences in the middle funnel.

Once we started addressing this, the performance improved. We started getting better quality engagement with our ads.

Creative Formatting for Placements

I’ve seen tons of ads that are not optimized for the placements. Not only the dimensions but the length of videos and ad copies. Especially the ones I see on story placements.

I know it is a lot of work having to design a creative for each placement, but it is worth it.

What about Instagram, Stories, and Audience Network? It’s essential to keep in mind each placement and adjust it to the order. Add what you’re missing out on your creative or in your ad copy.

Your ads should have an LTV!

The whole point of setting up a good sales funnel is to have a customer journey. In an ideal world, all your ads are top-of-funnel that go straight to conversion. It isn’t impossible, but you need good sales to funnel to fuel your ad account in most cases.

Here’s why you need to look at your funnels as an LTV cycle. Long-term planning for your creative strategy is so important. Customers need some convincing to convert at the end. That’s why we put so much effort into creating the perfect funnels, landing pages, email flows, and ads. It all should work together in conjunction. For example, giving a discount on the first touchpoint might give you good initial sales. But it takes away the power from the rest of the customer journey.

Design ads with the end goal in mind as well. We want them to convert at the beginning. It’s essential to give little by little with each touchpoint as they move along the funnel. It can come in many forms without the need to cut profits.

Consider customer journey in your ads. It’s essential to understand the customer journey for compelling creatives.

The Facebook advertising environment is competitive. It’s essential to have basic principles down to the tee. Less is sometimes more. Improving how you plan your creative strategy can make a difference.

It might seem like a lot of work to do on your own, as you gain more insight into what works, it becomes easier. You can focus more on scaling your account.

But this only works if you have the right agency partnered with you! 🤝

And that’s a wrap!

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