Case Study – Audience Testing with Dynamic Ads

Today we would like to share something interesting we noticed on the prospecting campaigns, as it seems like things are switching again.

Back in October 2019, we noticed that the successfully used lookalikes don’t work as they used to

And no matter what combination we added the results were far from what we were familiar with.

On the other hand, it was quite noticeable across several accounts.

The broader audiences (interest-based or completely broad just age settings and gender if it was necessary) worked better than any lookalike audience.

It was quickly applied and had success with it.

Back to now, we can see again a trend line bringing back greater results with lookalike audiences, however, Facebook’s algo still prefers a broader audience size.

Here it is what we tested and potentially will work again as per the results:

  • Lookalike audiences ranging from 1% to 10%
    When adding it into ad sets we are making sure that the audience size is more than 10 million.
  • Broad audiences still work, but in the sense of adding interest or behaviors which is narrowing it a bit (compared to letting it completely broad as we used too).
  • Dynamic ads used for acquiring prospects – when we are using 5 to 7 ads it is noticeable that lately, FB doesn’t push traffic on all of them. So, we prefer using 3-4 in order to make sure all of them are getting traffic.

The situation is changing as always, there is no template work on FB, and constant testing is what it takes.

Slowly things are getting back to somewhat normal from the Covid situation, as it is a noticeable spike in CPM/CPAs, they are increasing compared to what it was in the previous month.

Share with us if you have noticed similar or other changes happening, we are looking forward to hearing your experiences.

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Have a great week!
Ago from the DimNiko Team 🙂

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