Are Your Ads Actually Scaleable?

I want to share with you how to adjust your creative messaging to Scale Your Paid Traffic Profitably.

This is the same creative change we made for a client recently

That allowed us to scale them from $2K a day ad spend to $20K a day ad spend with an increase in ROAS.

It’s the difference between businesses doing $30K a month revenue and Businesses doing $300 a month revenue.

And it comes down to your mass-market appeal.

If you are only marketing to people that know about your product,

Have heard of your brand or similar brands

And have already been educated why they should buy your sort of product

You have put a limit on your ad spend.

As this is a very small market compared to the rest of the potential customers.

To get your brand spending $2K a day, $5K a day or upwards of $20K a day

You need to educate people that would have first never purchased your product why they should buy your product.

Once you can convert a TRUELY COLD prospect into buying your product now you can profitably scale.

These people right now will not buy from your brand as your marketing doesn’t connect with them,

Doesn’t educate them

And ultimately doesn’t appeal to them.

To give you an example.

I was talking to a Business Owner that sold coin collections

And was spending about $2K a day but could not scale past that.

Looking at his ads they only appealed to people that were already collecting coins or were interested in the type of coins he was selling.

What about everyone else in the world that might buy your product if the marketing is positioned right?

I suggested to try some marketing angles like this:

Position the coins a new trend or hype “everyone is going crazy over this new hobby” so people who were not interested originally are now potential buyers as it is a new hobby they can take up.

During these weird times, everyone is looking for a new hobby to fill the time and his coin collection brand was a perfect fit for that.

Every brand can have mass-market appeal with the correct marketing direction.

So the question to ask yourself is..

How can your brand have mass-market appeal to scale much more profitably?

This is typically only an issue once you are spending over $500 a day and can’t scale further.

If you want help finding your marketing angle to scale your brand.

Book a call below and let’s work through this together.


Speak soon,


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