5 Ways To Scale Up Your Campaigns

We are going to talk about different ways to scale your campaigns.

It would be terrific if you could increase your ROI, right?

It’s essential to learn how to scale. You will have the ability to make more money and do a lot of cool things.

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You should know what you’re doing or else you can lose a lot of money fast. 

Below are 5 methods of how you can scale up your campaigns.

1. Vertical Scaling 

Considered to be the most straightforward method. 

Let us say you have an asset spending $10 a day at a 100% return on your investment. You would need to increase the budget. 

If you are spending $10 a day, you can increase it by 20% or 50% every other day to increase it vertically. Play with the numbers and see what works.

If you see that your ROI is diminishing, you can scale it back down to where it was profitable. Turning off the adset when you see it’s not working is a big mistake.

The downside of vertical scaling is it takes a long time to scale up.

2. Horizontal Scaling

Duplicate it out 3x to 5x at the original budget of the adset. 

If your adset’s initial budget is $10, duplicate it 3x to 5x, changing NOTHING. Just duplicate it. Make sure to label each adsets for reference. 

The next thing to do is monitor it. You will see some are performing well with impressive ROI. Those are the ones you can scale vertically.

For the ones that didn’t yield good results, turn it off.

You will identify what’s not working fast.

Duplicate your adset 3x to 5x higher.

3. Manual Bidding

Duplicate your winning adset.

Choose a manual bid.

Decide what you’re willing to pay to get a customer. Let’s say for your original adset; your CPA is $10. You will need to duplicate that adset and bid 3x to 5x higher, making a manual bid of $30.

If your manual bid is $30, you have to multiply it by 3 or 5. For this example, we will multiply it by 3. Your budget adset will be $90.

Track the ad performance. Duplicated the winners and turn off the rest.

4. Shotgun Method

If an asset is performing well at 9 am, double the budget right away. Check again at noon. Not doing well? Double it again. At midnight, set it back to the original budget to start the day again. 

5. Scaling Method Combination

  • Vertical Scaling and Horizontal Scaling
  • Horizontal Scaling and Shotgun Method

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