A New Normal For Businesses: How To Take Your Startup Out Of The Pandemic

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive effect on the global economy. Many lost jobs; companies either retrenched or shut down altogether. But as they say about adversity, the other side of the coin is opportunity. 

According to data, almost half a million new businesses opened during the pandemic. This could include individuals who tried to find new sources of income after losing their jobs, or entrepreneurs who created new services to address needs that emerged due to the lockdowns and quarantines. Or maybe, the time spent at home simply gave way to more revelations and eureka moments.

If you’re one of these business owners, then you might be thinking, now that the world is slowly opening up, what’s next for your business?

Taking your business out of the pandemic is similar to taking yourself out of it. It requires a lot of cautious optimism and a clear game plan. And if the past two years were all about keeping to yourself and doing things on your own, the immediate future is about connecting and collaborating with others to move forward.

Go offline to drive digital traffic?

Your pandemic business has mostly likely been a purely digital affair, and rightfully so. Even well established brick-and-mortar enterprises have had to scramble to digitize their business when the pandemic hit.

Now that our offline lives are slowly opening up, it’s time to start considering creating a physical presence for your business. This doesn’t mean completely changing your digital business into a physical one. This simply means exploring more channels, including non-digital ones, to promote your business.

Whether it’s joining local bazaars or finding physical stockists for your product, think of these efforts not as replacements for your current business model but as added networking or marketing.

Stay relevant

Your business may have been born out of the pandemic, but they don’t need to be co-terminus. It’s important, as early as now, to think about your business’ relevance in a post-pandemic world. 

This may be more difficult if your new business was designed to address a pandemic need, but there are still ways to stay relevant. It only takes a recalibration of your brand’s purpose. Think of this as your business’ endurance test.

Take your marketing to the next level

There was a time when startups and mom-and-pop shops did everything DIY–from accounting to marketing. Outsourcing these services to a third party was only accessible to big businesses. 

That’s no longer true though. With the continued democratization of digital services, it’s now possible for your little enterprise to hire agencies for various business needs. Many of these services, themselves startups, don’t discriminate. They have service packages and offers that are affordable for any sized business.

It’s no different when it comes to marketing your business on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and even TikTok. Even if you use these apps as a consumer, using them to promote and advertise your products is a whole different ball game. 

That’s why e-commerce marketing agencies like DimNiko are designed specifically to help your business navigate through the world of digital marketing. You can book a call with this agency–completely online, of course–and they can audit your brand and propose a digital marketing strategy to take your business out of the pandemic and into the future.

So what say you? Are you ready for your business’ next chapter?

It’s a really epic opportunity. If you’re interested, apply here. 


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