“My name is Hayden, I own a tech company called V1CE that sells digital contactless business cards. The biggest challenge before working with DimNiko Agency has been scaling and scaling consistently with a good ROAS. This would be the third month we’ve been working with DimNiko Agency. I would say the biggest takeaway that I’ve enjoyed and experience would be having the reports that backs up the data, not just assumptions and know hows, guesses, rumors. We actually get the data too and the reports that goes with the decisions that they’re making. So the biggest month of results since working with DimNiko Agency is the month that we’re in now and it’s not quite finished yet. Prior to working with DimNiko Agency, our biggest month, we are not 500% up from prior to working with DimNiko. I would recommend DimNiko Agency because they know what they’re doing. They got proven track records and they will take your business to the next level.”