web3.0 and blockchain in ecommerce

Transforming online shopping with the blockchain

(Implement the blockchain in your dtc business, WORKS WITH SHOPIFY)


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Wondered how to integrate nfts into your ecommerce brand?

3Commerce is a software and tokenized ecosystem that allows ecommerce brands to integrate the blockchain to drive growth. Blockchain based loyalty programs and product linked NFTs close the gap between brands and their community of customers, as well as enable brand collaborations in a way never seen before. 3Commerce introduces all-new revenue streams into the ecommerce business model, as well as increases lifetime value while decreasing customer acquisition costs.

Launch your Brand into Blockchain with DimNiko Agency’s propiertary web3 software

(Implement the blockchain into your dtc business, WORKS WITH SHOPIFY)

Benefits of implementing web3.0 for your DTC brand

new revenue streams

  • Introduce new revenue streams to your brand via NFT sales and secondary sales commissionsRaise capital by selling digital assets with 100% margins.

reduced customer acquisition costs

  • Collaborate with other brands and communities to share customers and decrease customer acquisition costs
  • Incentivise social sharing and ambassadorship from customers, driven by the desire to increase their digital asset value

A new world of possibilities for your dtc brand

increased customer lifetime value

  • Use community and special access to drive more sales from the customers who know and love your brand
  • Special access can include discounts, early access to products, exclusive product drops, special content, VIP concierges and more.

enhanced secondary product trading markets

  • Capture revenue from secondary product marketplaces, as your product changes hands between customers.

economies of ownership

  • Build and army of ambassadors as customers own a piece of your brand, incentivising social sharing to increase their digital asset value

enhanced brand authority

  • Be on the forefront of innovation, strengthening brand authority in the marketplace.

OUR BLOCKCHAIN software and ecosystem

web3.0 based loyalty programs

Get closer than ever to your customers with NFT loyalty passes. Sell them on your site to raise capital, and collect commissions from secondary trading markets. Reward pass-holders with exclusive benefits, and watch an army of brand ambassadors emerge as they are driven to grow your brand for you to increase their pass value. Watch customer acquisition costs drop, and lifetime value increase.

Web3.0 Collaborations

Collaborate with any other brand, without the need to access their data-base or even speak with the brand. Gain access to untapped communities as you offer them exclusive benefits and products, acquiring customers in a way ecommerce has never experienced before

product-linked nfts

Tie digital certificated of authenticity to your products. Decrease fraud and counterfeits. Capture revenue from the customers who sell your products amongst each other, and facilitate secondary product markets while being paid for it, for the first time ever!

Launch your Brand into the blockchain with the 3Commerce Ecosystem!

(Implement the blockchain into your dtc business, works with shopify)


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