DimNiko Agency’s Online Marketing College – April Intake

$4,997.00 $1,997.00

In response to the outbreak and since we’re all stuck at home, we’re launching a live marketing academy for all those requesting consulting and learning media buying.

This is something we’re making available first to EPOCH members. It’s not being announced or even spoken of anywhere else.

This will be a live training course, 2-3 hours every night for a week, where we take you from zero to hero so you guys can buy ads for your company, get a job media buying, or even get a job with us.

Price will run at $3-5k for the week. (Consulting is usually 2k/hr).

We will kick off the first intake as a test run next Monday for $997 (obviously a massive discount).

10 positions available ONLY.

Early April. Exact dates TBC. Mon – Friday first or second week. 

1-3pm Pacific Time

7-9am Melbourne Time

8-10pm UK Time

This is an intermediate level course. We will skim over the fundamentals of Facebook advertising, before diving deep into the meat and potatoes of campaign structure, running profitable campaigns for both ecom and lead gen, content guidelines, what’s working now, and basic scaling strategies.

Topics we will be covering:

Day 1:

  • Why run Facebook ads? Facebook ads for acquisition, the power of paid traffic.
  • The complete asset check – getting set up the RIGHT way so you can focus on ads
  • The tools you overlook: FB Analytics, Pixel events, Custom Conversions, Audiences
  • KPIs for success: Shopify metrics, properly understanding and setting KPIs and budgets

Day 2: 

  • Sales funnels, offers, and landers
  • The funnel strategy: TOF, MOF, BOF – tactical set up and creative for each level.
  • The complete copy and creative break down.
  • Breaking down creatives live: image and video examples

Day 3 & 4:

  • Campaign objectives
  • Naming Conventions: Organising your account the right way
  • TOF, MOF, BOF set up, tactics, and budgets.
  • Audience Exclusions: The critical exclusions you overlook that stop you from growing. 
  • Audience testing, our top audiences. 
  • Ad types: DCs, Post IDs, and more.
  • Ad testing
  • Optimisation
  • Scaling and rules

Day 5:

  • Lead generation vs ecom: The differences
  • Case studies
  • Extra tools: Madgicx, Revealbot, Supermetrics
  • Using supermetrics to finally get a grip on delayed attribution.
  • Troubleshooting: How to fix every campaign issue in 3 minutes flat.
  • Support Groups
  • Q&A

All this for just $1997. In my opinion, this is massively undervalued – and the next run we do will be significantly higher priced.

Take care of yourselves. Stay safe and healthy.


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