DimNiko Agency’s Online Agency College

In response to the outbreak and since we’re all stuck at home, we launched a live marketing academy for all those requesting consulting and learning media buying.

The response was overwhelming and attendees walked out mindblown, with a complete perspective shift on their marketing.

Many asked for an ‘Agency’ version – and so it’s finally happening.

This is something we’re making available first to EPOCH members. It’s not being announced or even spoken of anywhere else.

This will be a live training course, 2-3 hours every night for a week, where we take you from zero to hero as agency owners, so you guys can handle and excel in the operations and client acquisition of your agency. 

It will be broken up into two models (as the amount of content and value here is insane).

1. Sales and Marketing
2. Operations and service delivery.

Price will run at $2,997 for the two weeks, or $1,997 per module. (Consulting is usually 2k/hr).

10 positions available ONLY.

Sales and Marketing: 13-17 Apr
Service delivery and operations: 20-24 Apr

1-3pm Pacific Time

7-9am Melbourne Time

8-10pm UK Time


If you own an agency or are a marketing service provider, you and I are both no stranger to the following challenges: 

  1. Acquiring and KEEPING Clients: Your pipeline is only ever a trickle at best. You’re constantly ‘hustling’ to try and get just a couple of new clients every month; only to  replace the lost income from the ones that left last month. 1 step forward, 2 steps back.
  2. Service delivery: You get the clients, but then you’re washed over with a sense of uncertainty, questioning yourself and battling with the devil on your shoulder since you  have no idea if you can actually get them results. I know you’ve battled with your conscience on whether or not you’re a fraud. Don’t worry though, I won’t tell anyone – it can be our little secret. 
  3. Agency systems: When you’ve finally reached your goal of x clients, you realise that you have no idea how to manage them all, and they pull you in 27 different directions. You’re up at night teasing the thought of quitting again whilst your phone is pinging like a radar with pissed off client messages.
  4. Hiring: If you’ve managed to overcome 1&2, time to hire. But every hire you make is either way overpaid, inevitably underperforming anyway, or the can’t manage to grasp the concept of doing things ‘your way’. 

But what if I told you running an agency is easy? 99% of your challenges can and will be fixed with some minor changes, shifts, and simply finally being taught the right way of doing things…

Across the two modules, we will be covering:


  • The Decentralisation Complex:The exact systems and processes we use in our agency that has allowed me to completely remove myself from client delivery and operations, so that I can travel for weeks at a time knowing my clients will have an even bigger smile when I’m back than when I left. 
  • Agency Hiring Secrets:  The secret talent pool from which we source  incredible media buyers in our agency that force  me to level up as an advertiser so I’m not left smoked by my team’s skills (Secret: My media buyers are better marketers than me – I’ll reveal how this happened).  DO NOT hire out of Facebook groups like 99% of Agency owners.
  • Cookie Cutter Result Generation:  The swipe-in systems we use in our agency to create replicable and predicable RESULTS for our clients, again and again and again.
  • Our EXACT paid traffic strategy: The exact funnel and strategy we use that to flood our pipeline with calls booked by business owners who are  begging to work with you on the call – NOT the other way around. 
  • …and much more: sales, retention, growth, adding additional revenue streams, etc.

In addition to this, we will be pulling back the curtains on our agency. A look inside exactly how a 7 figure agency runs, from top to bottom – with a CEO who does not deal with clients, does not bring on new clients, and can go on a holiday tomorrow without the agency and clients even noticing.

    All this for just $2997. In my opinion, this is massively undervalued – and the next run we do will be significantly higher priced.

    Take care of yourselves. Stay safe and healthy.


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