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If you run an agency, chances are you’ve thought about quitting several times in the last month alone.

Not because you’re a quitter, or failing by any means, but because of the infamous ‘baggage’ attached to agency life.

You and I are both no stranger to the following challenges:

  1. Acquiring and KEEPING Clients: Your pipeline is only ever a trickle at best. You’re constantly ‘hustling’ to try and get just a couple of new clients every month; only to  replace the lost income from the ones that left last month. 1 step forward, 2 steps back.
  2. Service delivery: You get the clients, but then you’re washed over with a sense of uncertainty, questioning yourself and battling with the devil on your shoulder since you  have no idea if you can actually get them results. I know you’ve battled with your conscience on whether or not you’re a fraud. Don’t worry though, I won’t tell anyone – it can be our little secret.
  3. Agency systems: When you’ve finally reached your goal of x clients, you realise that you have no idea how to manage them all, and they pull you in 27 different directions. You’re up at night teasing the thought of quitting again whilst your phone is pinging like a radar with pissed off client messages.
  4. Hiring: If you’ve managed to overcome 1&2, time to hire. But every hire you make is either way overpaid, inevitably underperforming anyway, or the can’t manage to grasp the concept of doing things ‘your way’.

…and that’s just to name 3.

You see, most people teach how to start an agency, which starts and ends at ‘getting clients’.

And even for you intermediate-advanced consultants, you were never actually taught the rest.

Teaching someone how to start and not giving them the tools to move forward from there is  literally  setting them up to fail in the very sense of the expression.

I was in this very position just 12 months ago. I struggled to get clients, and when I got them, I felt like a circus clown spinning plates just to  maintain the current state, let alone grow.

And I see this in so many of you. You can keep pretending you have things in order, but only you know the reality of whats going on behind the closed doors of your agency.

As you may already know, I’m speaking at AWA in Bangkok (December) and DMA in Melbourne (February), and so I thought I’d put on a show for you guys who are going to be around at the time.

We’re going to be running a two day Agency Intensive for those who want to scale from 6 to 7 figures in less than 90 days. These events aren’t intended as for-profit. Ticket prices are set such that we attract people at a certain level. The contents of the intensive could easily be sold for $20,000+

Over the two days, I’ll be covering the following:

  • The Decentralisation Complex:The exact systems and processes we use in our agency that has allowed me to completely remove myself from client delivery and operations, so that I can travel for weeks at a time knowing my clients will have an even bigger smile when I’m back than when I left.
  • Agency Hiring Secrets:  The secret talent pool from which we source  incredible media buyers in our agency that force  me to level up as an advertiser so I’m not left smoked by my team’s skills (Secret: My media buyers are better marketers than me – I’ll reveal how this happened).  DO NOT hire out of Facebook groups like 99% of Agency owners.
  • Cookie Cutter Result Generation:  The swipe-in systems we use in our agency to create replicable and predicable RESULTS for our clients, again and again and again.
  • Our EXACT paid traffic strategy: The exact funnel and strategy we use that to flood our pipeline with calls booked by business owners who are  begging to work with you on the call – NOT the other way around.
  • …and much more: sales, retention, growth, adding additional revenue streams, etc.

Taught by both myself, and members of my team, live & in a closed room environment.

You’ll walk away with everything you need to know to free yourself of the agency baggage. Do exactly as I tell you, and your agency will be running and growing like a well oiled machine. You  will be making more and stressing less.

This is NOT a beginner event. You must be doing minimum 6 figures per year to attend.

You must sign an NDA upon arrival. We will be pulling back the curtains on everything that goes on in our agency, in its rawest form.

We’ll be running two intensives:

  1. Bangkok, Dec 6-7
  2. Melbourne, Feb 10-11

Price: $1990 USD
10 tickets only.

We  encourage people who run agencies OTHER than Facebook Ad Agencies to attend. This is not just an event for ad agencies.

Scholarship prices are available for the following: email marketing, landing page, CRO, copywriting, and creative agencies, with owners who are sole owners (no partners). PM me for the specifics on this.

Again, we are NOT running these events for profit. The intended purpose of these events is to find potential partnerships and talent for us to work with.  This event may result in an offer for business partnership with Dimitri.

See you there.


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If you run an agency, chances are you’ve thought about quitting several times in the last month alone.