Interview with Melvin Chee | How to Successfully Move Your Business From Dropshipping to Ecommerce Brand

During this episode of Ecommerce Titans, Dim interviews Melvin Chee who started off as a major player in the dropshipping industry who has successfully transitioned into the brand building space. He has built numerous well-known brands including UV shorts. He’s one of the few people who have been able to move from DTC to brand builder. In this episode we dig into the infrastructure and behind the scenes of building a brand. 

Melvin Chee


Interview with Josh Elizetxe | Understanding the Foundations of Entrepreneurship Used to Grow Multiple Ecom Brands

During this episode of Ecommerce Titans, Dim interviews Josh Elizetxe from Snow Teeth Whitening. Josh has an extensive history with growing businesses and online marketing. They discuss everything from the foundations and struggles of entrepreneurship, influencer marketings, and how to create massive brand awareness. 

Josh Elizetxe
Instagram: @joshsnow

Interview with Monika Apostolidisz | The Strategies DimNiko Agency Uses to Scale Our Biggest Clients

In this episode, Dim speaks to Monika Apostolidisz, lead media buyer at DimNiko agency. She unleashes the exact media buying tactics and strategies used to scale some of our larger clients. Together they discuss how to break down the difference between an ad account that is having troubles scaling and ones that are having a lot of success. And, how you can implement the same components into your ad account to mimic their success. Then Monika shares a case study on how we scaled one of our clients to $50,000 in ad spend / day.

Interview with Dan Baldasso | How to Grow and Scale Your Ecommerce Brand Plus Ad Creative Breakdown

In this episode of Ecommerce Titans, Dim talks to our Head of Partnerships Dan Baldasso. They discuss some of the most common mistakes they see inside new client accounts and what actions people can take immediately to avoid then. Then they jump into an Ad Creative breakdown. Let us know in the comments if you liked this episode!

Daniel Baldasso
Instagram: dan_baldasso

Interview with Joshua Chin | How to Structure your Email Marketing Funnel for Ecom Brands

Joshua Chin is the co-founder and CEO of Chronos Agency, a top email marketing agency focusing on ecommerce. 

In this episode, Joshua goes through the current landscape for email marketing and how brands should be utilizing email to capture their customers. After, he discusses the benefits of working with an agency and why your emails need to focus both equally on design and messaging. 

If you are an ecommerce brand that wants to level up your email marketing, this episode is for you! 

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Interview with Sean Kemp | Crafting Copy and Messaging to Sell Ecommerce Health Products at Each Stage of the Funnel

Sean Kemp, a phenomenal copywriting in the health and fitness space. He’s generated 8-figures online for clients in 3 years with his copy and marketing strategies

In this episode, Sean dives deep into how to creatively craft copy and messaging for the 3 stages of the funnel. Later, we get into creating messaging for a direct response angle to serve your best selling product and use it as a customer acquisition driver. 

If you own a supplement brand or any ecommerce company in general, this episode is a must see to make sure your messaging is on point.


How Zach Benson Helps Grow and Monetize Ecommerce Brands with Instagram

Zach Benson is the founder of assistagram, an instagram growth agency that has worked with giants like Russel Brunson and the Ritz Carlton.

In this episode, he covers how a back injury ended his professional breakdancing career, pushing him towards the online marketing industry, and how to grow massive brands using instagram. 

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The Giveaway Methodology: The Inside Scoop on How Van Oakes Helped Grow Diesel Power Gear to a 9-Figure Company

Van Oakes is the holder of the world’s greatest mustache and a monster performance marketer. He is the owner and CMO of multiple 7 figure business. Most notably the 8 figure e-commerce store Diesel Power Gear, featured on discovery channel’s hit tv show “Diesel Brothers”.

In this episode, Van shares his experience in growing an online brand from low 7 figures to multiple 9 figures. He talks about his innovative giveaway model his company uses, gifting a $100,000 truck every single month. Beyond Facebook, Van dives into how to spend tens of thousands per day on Snapchat, and what it really takes to balance a high performance life with family and relationships.

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Scaling Raze Energy: Robin Danielson’s Approach to Building 8-Figure Health Brands

Robin Danielson is the CMO and co-founder of Repsports, a parent company that owns multiple health brands including the 8 figure brand Raze Energy.

Robin and Dim discuss how to scale a brand to 8 figures in sales, and how retail and online work together in perfect harmony to build massive companies. Finally, Robin talks about the importance of brand awareness, and how he had his product seen by tens of millions just by sending a crate of his product to a celebrity influencer’s birthday party.

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