The Giveaway Methodology: The Inside Scoop on How Van Oakes Helped Grow Diesel Power Gear to a 9-Figure Company

Van Oakes is the holder of the world’s greatest mustache and a monster performance marketer. He is the owner and CMO of multiple 7 figure business. Most notably the 8 figure e-commerce store Diesel Power Gear, featured on discovery channel’s hit tv show “Diesel Brothers”.

In this episode, Van shares his experience in growing an online brand from low 7 figures to multiple 9 figures. He talks about his innovative giveaway model his company uses, gifting a $100,000 truck every single month. Beyond Facebook, Van dives into how to spend tens of thousands per day on Snapchat, and what it really takes to balance a high performance life with family and relationships.

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Scaling Raze Energy: Robin Danielson’s Approach to Building 8-Figure Health Brands

Robin Danielson is the CMO and co-founder of Repsports, a parent company that owns multiple health brands including the 8 figure brand Raze Energy.

Robin and Dim discuss how to scale a brand to 8 figures in sales, and how retail and online work together in perfect harmony to build massive companies. Finally, Robin talks about the importance of brand awareness, and how he had his product seen by tens of millions just by sending a crate of his product to a celebrity influencer’s birthday party.

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The Vitacup Expansion: How Brandon Fishman Grew His Ecom Brand to 25M in 2 Years

Brandon Fishman is a serial entrepreneur and current CEO of 8-figure vitamin infused tea and coffee brand, Vitacup.

In this episode, Brandon shares his experience from over 20 years of online advertising experience, and reveals how Vitacup went from an idea with his friend, to 3 large capital raised, multiple 8 figures in revenue, and a retail rollout of over 1000 target stores, all starting with just a basic Shopify store and Facebook Ads, three years ago.

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